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How To Take Care Of Yourself Mentally In A Stressful Life 

How To Take Care Of Yourself Mentally In A Stressful Life

Can you remember the last time you experienced a blackout? Like a serious we-have-no-lights-to-see-our-hands-in-front-of-our-faces blackout. Maybe it was during a threatening thunderstorm, or it was just a random-but-unsurprising move from your local power company. Either way, blackouts can be pretty darn annoying, especially when there are creepy sounds in your room and you have no idea where it could possibly be coming from.`

Well, many of us navigate our mental health the same way that we experience a blackout – stumbling around in the dark, looking out, and not being able to see what’s really there. In those cases, the first thing to reach for is a flashlight, and for the purpose of checking your mental health and emotional wellness, the flashlight is a reflective selfaudit.

How To Check Your Mental Health

A self-audit can be defined as the act of acknowledging and identifying patterns of values, attitudes, and behaviors that you have towards yourself. It’s a reflective psychological practice that should be considered by everyone. It gives the opportunity for thinking back on the underlying factors of why you do, say, and think the things you do.

How To Take Care Of Your Mental Health In A Stressful Life
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You won’t miss a beat by including a self-audit into your lifestyle. It allows you to dig into your past and present relationship with yourself. You can reflect on the self-deprecating habits that you may be repeating with yourself. Patterns, by default, repeat themselves unendingly. We tend to repeat them without being fully conscious of it happening. For particularly unhealthy patterns, the less attention we pay to them, the more likely that they will result in devastating consequences.

How To Take Care Of Yourself Mentally: Self-Assessment

What happens when you have no idea what’s going on beneath the surface? How about when you have no clue what to do when your anxiety becomes overwhelming? What about when you find yourself in an overpowering depressed mood? Think of a self-audit as a way for you to brainstorm all the ways you could be kinder to yourself. #NoPressure

Our Rooted Master Plan Workbook includes a self-audit exercise. It asks you to think deeply about your values, attitudes, and behaviors. Check the relationship with yourself, and with others (familial, romantic, & platonic).

Values: the personal judgments we make about how important something, or someone, are to us.

Attitudes: relatively stable habits we have in response to people, concepts, places, events, time periods, etc.

Behaviors: the actions you perform in order to adjust to your environment/navigate your day-to-day life.


The Rooted Master Plan is our first workbook. It highlights six key steps to building a mental health and emotional wellness regimen. It takes you through a few essential cornerstones to finding your holistic wellness groove.

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