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Witted Reflections

Did You Really Care? by Leigh 

Witted Reflections is an ongoing series that highlights vulnerable reflections from millennial women of color. We are always accepting submissions in the form of poetry, personal essays, photo narratives. Click HERE for more information, and to submit your own reflection.

“Did You Really Care?”

A hug was never really given, or maybe I’m just vain,
Once she gave you money that should cure the pain,
The life was good, however, the emotions lacked,
The life was good, however, the emotions lacked,
Unless it was to express how much you nagged,
It felt overwhelming sometimes but she wasn’t the worst.
I wondered and wondered if he knew I was there,
Then I started to rebel hoping he’d care,
Not one word, message or dare.
It broke my heart seeing other kids with their dads and mine’s alive and well,
But I can’t even brag of a hug, even a smile or stories fathers tell.
It still bothers me although I’m 25,
It can’t be that hard to make a call or even to hug your child and utter simple words. To show you care it changes everything, even the damage
But maybe you just really didn’t care.

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