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Witted Reflections

With Hope by Leonnette 

" With Hope "

- Leonnette

Witted Reflections is an ongoing blog series that highlights vulnerable reflections from millennial women. We are always accepting submissions in the form of poetry, personal essays, photo narratives. Click HERE for more information, and to submit your own reflection.

“With Hope”

I hope one day you’ll learn to give yourself the love you give to others.
I hope one day you can stand in front of a group of people and anxiety doesn’t cripple you; that that fear will be replaced by confidence and strength. You have always been a lover of life and people, of all things pure and simple.

Stay that way.

What a meaningless life you would’ve led if you stopped helping others.
Remember when you wanted to be a doctor so you could help people?

Somewhere along the way, you realized that you can do so and that you’ve been doing that in your own little way, each and every day.

Most importantly, I hope you remember that everything is temporary. Everything.

So Relax, smile, breathe, breathe some more and learn to settle into the continual flow of life.

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