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Is The Law Of Attraction Real?: Manifestation Techniques 

Is The Law Of Attraction Real?: Manifestation Techniques

I am sure that many of you, if not all, have heard the saying “life and death is in the power of the tongue.” Just as how uttering certain things into the universe may alter life as you know it, so can your thoughts impact your lives. The Law of Attraction says that what we focus on, is what we attract—now, please understand that this has nothing to do with emotions, but everything to do with your thoughts. Whenever I get frustrated and the dark thoughts come to take my sight, this is what I do: I stop, pray, then play Chronixx- I Can at the highest volume I can manage. Since the mind is one of the most powerful tools ever, I try to utilize it positively as much as I Can (geddit? ?).

“Your thoughts are the architects of your destiny.”

David O. McKay

Stumbling upon this quote really opened my eyes to how the way that we think can play a part in determining our actions. We block our blessings when we continuously invest our time in thinking negatively. If we are really aiming to achieve the best life possible, we have to change our line of thinking!

How the Law of Attraction works can be explained in many ways, but the two most common school of thought are:

The Spiritual Explanation

Many people tend to think that the Law of Attraction is when they affiliate their goals with God or the universe. They also believe that because they are made up of energy on different frequencies, they can alter their frequency of energy by indulging in positive thoughts. With the use of positive thoughts and aligning them with their goals, instead of dwelling on the negatives, they are certain that the frequency of their energy can be changed—which results in the Law of Attraction walking in with a whole bundle of positivity. The key though is to believe that what they seek is already theirs, or it will be soon.

The Scientific Explanation

For those of you who do not fancy the spiritual, this explanation is yours. When you have changed your thought process and start thinking positively, you begin to take more risks and bare yourself to new possibilities. For example, you may want to achieve a certain goal, so you put yourself out there to be more accessible to achieve said goal. On the other hand, when you do not believe that something is in line for you, oftentimes you let those opportunities pass you by. 

Is the law of attraction real? and how to use the law of attraction and positive thinking to help you achieve all your goals and dreams.

Manifesting Your Dreams

Most times people want their dreams to become a reality but what they do not understand is that they must have their thoughts in alignment with the said dream. A positive mindset is key when achieving your goals as this will attract positive energy to you. However, please bear in mind that this is something that you will have to work extremely hard to achieve. Your brain stores a lot of your fears, hurt, and pain previously experienced, and they won’t just go away after one positive thought. You will have to rewire your brain by applying certain practices to train your brain into thinking positively.

There Manifestation Techniques: Manifesting The Greatness In Your Lives

  • Be careful of what you focus on.
    Instead of focusing all your energy on things that are going wrong, think about all the things that are going right. In life, obstacles and shortcomings will come at you hard and fast but it is your duty to focus on the positives within the situation. When you develop a positive mindset, you will realize that your problem-solving skills and your confidence will improve.

  • Write! Write! Write!
    When I am worried or stressed, the quickest thing I do is grab a book and a pen (which is always on hand, btw) and start writing. I write everything that is frustrating me in the form of a list—this gives me a form of visual representation that not only makes things easier for me to work out, but also releases some of the built-up energy that I have stored. This method really helps especially when I am too frustrated to talk to anyone. I just write it down and hand the book to my mother, like “Mummy, here. I cannot talk right now but this is what is stressing me out.” Man, this is my favorite method, it helps! 

    Write down your goals and think of how you will feel when they have come to pass. Not only will this push you in a positive direction, but it will also propel you into positive situations and cause people to enter your life that will help you to get to where you need to be.
  • Envision your dreams.
    When In the mornings, right after you have woken up, and at nights, before you go to bed, read the goals that you have written. This will allow you to form a connection with them and allow them to manifest within the universe.

Assess yourself to see if you lean more towards the pessimistic side of life or the optimistic side. With this knowledge, you will know what you need to do to achieve your goals—whether you need to add some daily affirmations into your daily schedule or you just need to continue what you were doing because you’re doing great sweetie. Your destiny is in your hands; it is up to you to make the right decision for you!

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