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Benefits Of Yoga For Women: How Does Yoga Help You? 

Benefits Of Yoga For Women: How Does Yoga Help You?

The benefits of yoga for women of color are many, but they are not usually maximized. A number of studies have identified how yoga, breathing, and meditation help with a variety of afflictions. Different forms of yoga have helped people with addiction, mood disorders, and behavioral issues. Yoga helps at a cellular level, changing the brain chemistry in a positive way. Cortisol levels that come from stress are reduced and GABA neurotransmitters are activated, which is the part of the brain that helps us to relax.

It’s not easy managing the ebb and flow that is unavoidable as a millennial woman. There are many things you have to deal with, such as getting out on your own while managing stress, anxiety, and perhaps other issues like social anxiety. Many women, in an effort to escape from their struggles and stress of this time of their life, may begin to binge drink or do drugs. Yoga is a proven, better way to manage all the problems that occur from mental health issues.

Yoga And The Power Of “Now”

Daily yoga and the meditation that follows will help you to hone your skills of “living in the now”. This allows the past to fade away and less concern for the future. Depression is closely related to a significant occurrence of looking at the past, while incessant worrying about the future is closely related to the onset of anxiety. Being present in your current moment is where you can find that calm. It takes practice to get to this place but through yoga, you’ll start to understand how being present in the moment feels. An hour-long yoga class will help you to feel more positive which is extremely helpful for your mental health.

Benefits Of Yoga For Women: A Reduction In Stress

Some of the poses in yoga will help with the reduction of stress. Breathing deeply while doing yoga has been shown to reduce cortisol levels related to your body’s stress response. Bound Angle Pose and Cat Cow Pose are just some of the examples of poses that are useful in reducing anxiety. You relax the body and are able to find your center, by quieting the mind. Your busy mind is often at the root of the creation of tension in your body. Through yoga, you work through this tension of the body, sending messages to your brain that you’re not in danger.

Benefits Of Yoga For Women: Keeping Emotions Under Control

When you experience fear of the unknown, which is extremely common as a young adult woman, you will want to develop emotional elasticity. This is the ability to come back from any emotional setbacks you experience. Figuring out how to cope with life in a mature way isn’t always easy. You may have never been given the tools and that feels scary. Through yoga, you can center yourself and see what is going on within yourself. Feeling your emotions when you do yoga and meditation can help you to figure out what needs to be done.

A Harvard University study focused on teens in their later years of high school found students to be more balanced when doing yoga as opposed to traditional physical education. The Harvard report states that yoga helps with the feelings of being overwhelmed, depressed, and angry. We already knew that doing exercise was good for releasing endorphins (feel-good chemicals), but it has been made clear that regular physical activity may also make you more capable of managing emotions. When a terrible thought comes up that could ruin your day, you’ll be better at letting that thought go.

Benefits Of Yoga For Women: The Compulsion Of Eating Disorders

Sadly, many young women will also develop eating disorders as a coping mechanism for any number of life stresses. Body image has a lot to do with social pressures and belonging. When we feel we have to starve ourselves or perhaps overeat, there is something happening in the mind. Yoga has been found to help women with eating disorders when done before a meal.

It helps them feel less anxious about food and allows an increase in self-awareness. They also identify better with their body and begin to understand the connection between a healthy mind and a healthy body. They will see their bodies as an asset as opposed to something they don’t like.

Reduction Of Symptoms

Alongside treatment of psychiatric disorders, yoga has been proven to help the severely mentally-ill patients improve. Schizophrenic patients, for instance, participated in an eight-week yoga therapy program as part of a study. They had to do postures, learn to do breathing practices, and relaxation. The researchers found that participants exhibited a reduction in negative thoughts and that there was an improvement in their quality of life.

Many centers that are dealing with clinical psychiatric disorders are now implementing yoga. If you’re coping with a psychiatric disorder, you may find that your thoughts and feelings are creating a hopeless cycle in your life. Yoga can help with the feelings you have. You just have to be willing to get on the mat.

Dealing with the often-harsh circumstances of life as a millennial woman isn’t easy. It may make you feel like you can’t manage yourself. Maybe all you need are a few holistic tools to help you navigate through life. It gets easier as time goes on. Every lesson you learn and challenge you go on to overcome, you are getting stronger and wiser. Life will get easier but you can certainly help yourself by staying centered and relaxed.

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