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Love Letters To Myself: Dear Past, Present and Future Me 

Love Letters To Myself: Dear Past, Present and Future Me

Let’s Talk; It’s Time To Catch Up

I’ve always loved writing letters to myself. There’s something so lovely about putting in the time to being honest, hopeful, and open to writing to myself, for myself. It is very therapeutic. I don’t need it as often as keeping a diary, but the spontaneity of it brings waves of relaxation and serenity. I think it’s an effective way to get back in touch with one’s self. I’m left with a tangible memory of either the person I was at that time, or a wish for the “current me” (who’s reading it later) to remember a particular lesson, or to keep a resolution I had made with myself.

Writing a letter to yourself gives you insight and teaches you valuable life lessons that will stick with you long afterward. Think of it as a time capsule. It creates great self-awareness and allows me to feel gratitude for all the things I’ve done and will do. The best letters are [purposely] filled with something useful; whether positive, a critique, or just observations and reflections I found too compelling not to put down in ink.

I want to write a letter to myself: past, present, future. I want to reflect on how far I’ve come (past), quickly cheer myself up (present), and send good vibes to who I’ll become (future). I want you to do it too. I want us all to say hi, say something nice – say anything, and help our own selves out. Take time to rediscover who you were and who you can possibly become.

Love Letters To Myself

Love Letters To Myself: Dear Past Me,

I’m happy that you say we didn’t make any dire decisions. I don’t want to tell you too much because I think we turned out pretty fine. Well…maybe rethink what you want to do in college but no worries y’know. Continue what you’re doing. I have to admit we’re different people now but I’d love to become parts of who we were back then. I’ve always loved how frank, honest, and outgoing you are. I’m so proud of you for that, and so much more.

Thank you for staying strong and not allowing people to get you down (for too long). Thanks for not giving up and having faith in yourself. I’m grateful to you for both the successes and failures. And especially for the failures, because if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t know any better. Thank you for learning your limits and knowing when to take risks and when to restrain. For learning how to stand up for yourself and for finding your voice. I am, again, grateful, that you always knew that the best way to be happy is by being yourself.  

In this piece, Kerine W. invites us to share in reading the love letters she has written to her Past, Present, and Future selves.

A very special thanks for loving your mind and body. I have to admit, sometimes it’s harder these days to cope with the doubts and insecurities in my head, but I do find solace when I think of you and I feel re-inspired to keep trying. I’m happy to say that I still love my little tummy, and my rubbing thighs, and my almost ruler-straight shoulder, and my disproportionately long-ass legs. Thank you for not being overly self-conscious even though you once thought you had every reason to be. You have so much ahead for yourself and I know there’ll be times when you’re afraid of the future but, don’t worry. Again, I think we turned out alright.

Throughout your next few years, you will grow immensely. In this time period, you will learn much about yourself, even things you weren’t aware of or didn’t know were possible.

Love Letters To Myself: Dear Present Me,

I’m so it seems useless to write this but it doesn’t hurt to take advantage of the reflective mood I’m in. But I’ll keep it short. Whether it’s a bad time, a good time, or some life-changing event, keep your head up. I don’t want to force you to positive, but rather keep being hardworking and hopeful.

Love Letters To Myself: Dear Future Me,

I hope you’re doing well. I hope you’re every version of success that you want to be. I hope you’ve kept all the wonderful people, and the little things in life, at the forefront. I hope you’re still eternally grateful for what you have and never want for more than you absolutely need. I hope you were able to find and keep that quality of life you’ve always been striving for. I especially hope you’re doing all the things you’ve ever wanted and that they are making you immeasurably happy.

I hope you’re still learning from your past. From me. Don’t be afraid to see when something’s wrong, and don’t be afraid to be wrong at times. Take risks, but wisely.

Challenge yourself and reach big. Believe that you can and understand when you can’t. Have faith that things aren’t always as hard as they seem and stay strong when they really are. And most importantly, live your life being you. And no one else.


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