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A Private Membership Community Where You Can Be Seen + Be Heard 

A Private Membership Community Where You Can Be Seen + Be Heard

Where do you go when it feels like the noise of the world is buzzing louder by the minute?

Where can you go to be your most vulnerable self?

Who can you talk to about your experiences, without fear of judgment?

How can you avoid the distractions of the day, when you’re really just in the zone to connect with yourself and others like you on the deepest levels possible?

A Place Just For You

It’s hard to be your most honest self when it often feels like the world around you places a greater value on how best you can fit the status quo (whatever that may be at the moment).

You have loved ones who care about you, but you are still hesitant to reveal your darkest struggles (and rightfully so).

The weight of the world is getting heavier on your shoulders, and there are not many places where you can put down those burdens. Even if just to take a short break.

Embracing Community

Our private membership community has been in the pipeline for quite some time.

For years, I’ve been listening to the concerns of our audience, via email, social media, and through other mediums. One of the most recurring themes I’ve noticed is that, for many of us, we desperately need a safe space.

While we continue to focus on building Witted Roots as that safe space to access relevant mental health + emotional wellness information, I’ve always known that we needed to take that next step.

The time is now to take that next step.

Now, more than ever before, we feel isolated and alone. Despite the many modes of connection that exist, there is still a significant lack of companionship.

A Private Membership Community Made For You

As we continue to develop our private membership community to be a safe space to share your most vulnerable experiences and to find companionship with other millennial women of color who are ready to be open, we remind you that this is about you.

We want to know more about what your pain points are.

How can we make it the safe space of your dreams?

What are the things + thoughts keeping you up at night?

What would the most ideal, virtual safe space look like for you?

Would you be interested in regularly-scheduled virtual group sessions focused on specific themes?

Help us to build your community.

Help us to curate your safe space.

You don’t have to be alone. With our upcoming private membership community, you don’t ever have to be again.

To be kept in the loop on the development of the community – SIGN UP HERE.

To give us some insight on what you would most like to see in the community – TELL US HERE.

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