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When Will The Pandemic End? Habits and Thoughts To Leave Behind 

When Will The Pandemic End? Habits and Thoughts To Leave Behind

Wondering When Will The Pandemic End + Rethinking Life

These are strange times we’re currently living in. Almost overnight, everything that was once a given in our lives became one giant question mark. Will I ever travel the world? Get married? Have children? Take this facemask off? When will the pandemic end?

Asking ourselves these questions makes us realize just how good everyday life was before the pandemic. We’ve been left alone to reflect on the “good old days” and ruminate over our shortcomings and regrets. The pandemic has taught us valuable lessons on the importance of holding the reins on our own lives, living in the now, and keeping the right perspective. 

We’re allowed to begin anew while moving forward into a hopefully COVID-free future. It’s better to leave some habits and thought patterns in the past.

5 Habits + Ideas To Leave Behind Once The Pandemic Is Over 

  1. Putting others on a pedestal

If COVID has made one thing very clear, it’s that we’re all human. With a list of well over 100 celebrities, politicians, and professional athletes who have tested positive for the virus (literally everyone from Trump to The Rock), the pandemic has proven itself to be an epic leveler. Unlike the law at times when it comes to the rich and famous versus us normal folks, the virus does not discriminate. 

Thankfully, it looks like we’re learning to do the same. It’s been refreshing to see celebrities and influencers getting called out for reckless behaviors during the pandemic. On the flip side, the celebs following guidelines are proving themselves to be just as normal as anyone else. It’s become a proven fact that no one is too rich, too famous, or too good-looking to contract COVID. With that, the mystique and worship of celebrities and celebrity culture are beginning to fade. 

This mindset should apply to anyone else we tend to put on a pedestal: your boss, that overachieving cousin, and your co-worker with the seemingly perfect life. Once everyone is once again free to broadcast their highlights, keep in mind this time when we were all put on a level playing field, and remember to view everyone else in the same light you view yourself.

  1. Saving “special” things

For many of us, the pandemic shined a light on how much of our lives we’ve spent waiting. Waiting for the right event to wear that new dress. Waiting to lose weight before checking out that new restaurant. Biding time for the right person to come along, so you can finally crack open that bottle of wine. It’s a healthy practice to reward yourself for your victories. However, saving your “special” things for scenarios you hope might happen can be rooted in ideas of perfectionism and unworthiness

It’s important to get to the bottom of why you feel the need to save things that bring you joy for a later date. Try talk therapy, journaling, or simply meditating on each item or experience you’ve saved and why. Remember that you are always worthy of good things, not just when you permit yourself to be. Once COVID is a thing of the past, make wearing nice things, going to interesting places, and treating yourself regularly part of your new aesthetic. And if anyone asks you what the occasion is, tell them: “life.”

Found yourself asking "When will the pandemic end" more times than you can count? We get it. Here are things to leave behind once it does end
  1. People pleasing

Being isolated for extended periods can be just as enlightening as it can be rough. Another important lesson the pandemic taught us: at the end of the day, all you have is you. Trying to make everyone happy is a lost cause. Always has been, always will be. In trying to remember everyone else, we often forget ourselves. This can ultimately lead to issues such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and self-sabotage. 

We’ve all heard the phrase, “you can’t pour from an empty cup.” Of course, it’s awesome to feel like the star employee, the favorite child, the perfect partner, or the best friend everyone has ever had. However, these are not realistic goals to strive for. 

Slip-ups will happen. Miscommunication will happen. You will never be able to please everyone. Whether it was cooking a healthy meal, learning a new skill via YouTube, or creating a new skincare routine, quarantine taught us how to take care of ourselves when the world around us felt like it was falling apart. Keep this in mind as we slowly transition out of the pandemic and begin readapting old habits. Your happiness and self-satisfaction should always be your priorities. 

  1. Hustling / Grinding

COVID forced us all to take several seats. In this new “wake up and grind” era, taking a couple of days off is the equivalent of giving up. Those of us whose days once revolved around getting up and getting at it seem to have hit the wall harder than everyone else. Hustling (read: overworking yourself) keeps your mind and body in a constant state of stress. 

The “let down effect” is the period where the body comes to rest after being in a stressed state for a prolonged period. The body realizes it’s no longer in flight or flight mode, so all of its systems (including the immune system) kick its feet up for a while. COVID has made us hyper-aware of our immune systems for a good reason. 

Finding the balance between stress and relaxation is a major key to healthy immune function. In the future, it will be imperative that we prioritize what’s worth hustling for. If what you’re putting overtime on is something that truly fulfills you, keep up the hard work. Just remember to balance it out with daily relaxation practices. 

  1. Telling people your plans

With so many social media platforms and literally everyone and their dog on them, it can be tough not to share every aspect of your life. However, the only thing that stings worse than dealing with the reality of having to put your biggest dreams on hold, is everyone else knowing about it too.

Harsh as it sounds, not everyone is always rooting for you. Discussing your grand plans is not something everyone wants or even deserves to hear. Sabotage by envy is a real risk. Even worse, you could end up discussing your goals more than you work towards them.

In these uncertain times, it almost seems dangerous to make any plans. But because you have the power to make anything you dream of come to life, the reveal will be that much sweeter when you make it a surprise for everyone else. Make magic happen, and let them wonder how you do it. 

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