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Hot Girl Summer: Affirmations, Perception, And Positive Self Talk 

Hot Girl Summer: Affirmations, Perception, And Positive Self Talk

“It’s a Hot Girl Summer, so you know she got it lit.”

Megan Thee Stallion took over 2019 with her lyrics of female empowerment, infamous dance moves, and beliefs on environmental protection. Another thing she’s commonly known for is popular catchphrases like “drive the boat” and of course the season’s mantra, “Hot Girl Summer.” The motto has become so popular that the Houston native filed a trademark for the phrase in July (we love a multi-faceted businesswoman) and recently released the affirmation-titled song with Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign.

At the start of the summer, there had been much social media debate over the exact definition of a “Hot Girl.” Can only single girls be Hot Girls? What exactly must you do to qualify as a Hot Girl? Megan Thee Stallion, whose birth name is Megan Pete, settled all disagreements via Twitter on July 17th. She clarified, “Being a Hot Girl is about being unapologetically YOU, having fun, being confident, living YOUR truth, being the life of the party, etc.” In other words, the “Realer” rapper uses “Hot Girl Summer” as an affirmation for positive reinforcement, self-acceptance, and fulfillment. Judging by the way the phrase has caught on, there is no denying that words indubitably have power.

The Power of Positive Self-Talk

Science has proven that self-talk can truly make or break daily life occurrences. If you are worried about a test and repeatedly say to yourself that you will fail, chances are you are calling upon yourself that very outcome. In 1988, social psychologist Claude Steele coined the Self-Affirmation Theory. The theory considers that when an individual has a firm grasp on their values, they are less likely to be negatively affected when an event or information threatens their sense of self.

The major attributes of the Self-Affirmation Theory are as follows:

  • People are driven to protect their self-integrity, or in other words, the individual definition of a good, moral person according to one’s belief system;
  • When their self-integrity is threatened, people tend to react defensively.
  • Self-integrity can be balanced using strengths and weaknesses (ex. I am not the best speller, but I am great in math);
  • Self-promotion of one’s values decreases perceived threat. For instance, the test-taker from my earlier example should have reaffirmed their strengths instead of dwelling on their areas of improvement.

Self-affirmations play an immense role in how we react to daily challenges. In the same way that the superhero stance increases a sense of power, talking about yourself positively has many critical health and situational benefits. Self-affirmations have been found to decrease health-deteriorating stress, assist college students with declining GPAs, and has even helped smokers trying to quit. The overall idea is that affirmations help adapt cognitive processes to alter your negative way of thinking and boost self-esteem.

Alexandria M. breaks down how the viral phrase "hot girl summer" can inspire an increased adoption of affirmations and positive self-talk.

How to Create Your Own How Girl Summer Affirmations

You can find countless affirmations with a simple Google search. The most effective ones, however, are custom and tailored to your real strengths and values. Simply put, affirmations are short, positive statements that challenge a negative belief and any subconscious patterns of negative self-talk. Here are a few tips to creating your own positive affirmations:

  • When beginning your affirmations, think about your values and the areas of your life you’d like to change. Write down negative attributes and turn them into positives.
  • Affirmations must be in the present tense. Start with phrases like “I am” as if your statement is already a reality.
  • Only use positive words. Instead of saying what you are “not,” use statements that highlight what are you and aim to become.
  • Make sure your affirmations are achievable and have to do with you. Affirming that you will win the lottery may not be the best practice.
  • Repeating your affirmations regularly is an important part of the practice. You can choose to set an alarm or chant them as you fall asleep. You could even do them while you’re waiting in line at the store. Feel free to pair them with other parts of your daily routine. I often choose to chant my affirmations while meditating.
  • Lastly, put them up in places so you don’t forget. Write your affirmations on your mirror. Put them in your car. There is never too much affirmation.

Making Hot Girl Summer A Habit

I too have been feeling like I’ve had a ‘Hot Girl Summer,’ but it shouldn’t end here. Have a Hot Girl Work Week, a Hot Girl Semester, a Hot Girl Year even. Whatever affirmation works for you, do not reserve it solely for swimsuit season and do not wait until things get hard to use them. We, women deserve to live in our truth and feel like Hot Girls year-round! Whatever your affirmations are, continue to use them and see how much of a drastic difference they make in your everyday life.


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