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A Mental Health & Emotional Wellness platform for millennial women* of color.

We exist at the intersection of passion and purpose to help millennial women of color discover the tools necessary to thoughtfully address and proactively approach their mental health + emotional wellness.

Committed to giving millennial women of color greater access to tools, resources, and knowledge for mental health + emotional wellness.

Witted Roots is the digital platform. It encapsulates our commitment to creating a space for millennial women of color to utilize as an important resource in their journey towards a more proactive relationship with their mental health + emotional wellness. On the blog, we give contributors from our community the chance to be the creators of their own stories, their own narrative, and their own experiences, while providing well-researched information crucial to a greater understanding of mental health + emotional wellness. There is power in the pen (or in this case, the keyboard), and millennial women of color deserve the opportunity to be at the forefront of content for, and by, them. Readers also connect more closely with content contributors that seem to have a more personal understanding of their own background and experiences.


Representation matters. Stories matter. Our voices matter.

With ROOTED: The Docu-Series, we highlight the often-vulnerable mental health + emotional wellness experiences of millennial women of color.

The main aim of this production is to create a safe visual space for millennial women of color to tell their stories, particularly the stories that are not often told (and usually not by us!).

ROOTED: The Docu-Series allows for millennial women of color, as an audience, to see that there can be a reclamation of the power over their own stories, that there are women from relatable backgrounds who have had similar thoughts, perspectives, and experiences. This also encourages millennial women of color to become the torch-bearers for their own mental health + emotional wellness, potentially seeking out help for themselves an others due to the shattering of the stigmas surrounding mental health + emotional wellness


To further our commitment to creating + maintaining valuable safe spaces for millennial women of color, in late-2019 we will be creating more opportunities for our community of millennial women of color to connect with each other, better connect with themselves, while also gaining access to important tools, resources, advice, and strategies to become more mentally healthy and more emotionally well.

The RESET Membership Community will be a safe space for discussions and explorations cued by thoughtfully-worded and curated prompts. This intimate digital space will also incorporate practical strategies and actionable resources to create a lasting impact from participation.


The Witted Resources Library was developed to create a hub of practical resources and actionable strategies for millennial women of color to begin engaging with their mental health + emotional wellness in a more proactive way.

From self-screening tools for multiple common psychological conditions to resources for day-to-day management of mental health + emotional wellness, the Witted Roots’ Resources Library will continue to be an accessible source that serves as the launch point for many to begin taking accountability for their overall health and wellness.


The Rooted Reflections Journal is the first in a series of thoughtfully-designed guided reflection journals

With 95 reflection prompts, in addition to dedicated space for creating individual affirmations, it was created to make it a little bit easier for millennial women of color to do the ever-necessary, but the often-difficult task of self-exploration. Self-reflection is not easy, and it is often not easy to do a deep-dive into the roots of what makes you, YOU. This is where the Rooted Reflections Journal comes in, Not only is the Rooted Reflections Journal visually-appealing, with a minimal – but quite thoughtful – design, it is structured with the sole purpose of streamlining the process of digging deeper to unearth your hurts, confusions, triumphs, and revelations, shedding the strain of unhealthy mental and emotional baggage as you move forward. With so much emphasis consistently placed on physical health and well-being, the Rooted Reflections Journal is here to add another important factor to the mix.

“Women: Anyone who has a meaningful, self-identification as a woman. In addition, anyone who identifies as non-binary, non-gender conforming, or gender-queer is most welcome here.