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Author: Alexandria Miller

How Does Fashion Impact Mental Health?

How Does Fashion Impact Mental Health? 

Picture this —you are getting ready to go out for a Girls Night. It is late and part of you would rather skulk into a giant t-shirt and cuddle up to Netflix. But you promised your friends. Rummaging through your…

Have you ever found it hard to break-up? A dead end relationship can be hard to let go of. Here are 5 ways how to end a dying relationship.
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How To End A Dead End Relationship 

Relationships are a necessary part of our human existence. We need healthy relationships, romantic or otherwise, to become better versions of ourselves. It is often through relationships that we are able to mirror past traumas, generational curses, or even areas…

Carnival Ready Or Not, This is the Body You're Getting

Carnival Ready Or Not, This is the Body You’re Getting 

Carnival celebrations are an immense part of Caribbean cultural traditions both on the islands and in our diaspora. Each festival is embedded with its own individual histories, characters, and customs. Before discussing one of the most widely renowned aesthetic parts…

Graduate school is no joke. Here's how to be successful in school. Alexandria M. shares key elements for her upcoming Ph.D. journey.

How To Be Successful In Graduate School? 

My first go around the collegiate pool was not easy by any means. The late nights and homesickness. The sudden Black consciousness that made me simultaneously enlightened and irate as I learned more and more about our history. Pair that…