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Author: Kerine W

Tackling the all-too-familiar "can't finish what you start" trend. The challenge that some of us may have never fully overcome, until now.

6 Ways How To Finish What You Start 

Break the cycle, finish what you start: It’s time to start crossing the finish line. I have the WORST habit, I start projects… and never finish them. I don’t know what it is, but now I have an inventory of…

how to reclaim your self-esteem from social media. Social media culture has perpetuated negative impacts on our mental health.
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How Social Media Affects Our Self-Esteem 

Remove That Negative Social Media Filter On Your Self-Esteem Click. Judge. Click. Edit. Post. Constantly wait for likes/comments/retweets/DM’s. What is our obsession with social media? What is it that makes [most of] us have to see everything that happened first…