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Woman wearing a white shirt with her Senegalese twists in a ponytail, stares alone into a mirror as she adjusts her red necklace.
Disorders + Conditions

Loneliness vs Solitude vs Isolation 

We millennial women of color typically manage many roles and responsibilities at once. Due to rigorous work schedules, social media, and personal obligations, it can often feel like we are never alone. Of course, we do find ourselves alone, though…

Gaslighting can sometimes be hard to recognize, and that's by design. Here's a thorough breakdown of what gaslighting actually looks like.
Emotional Wellness

What Gaslighting Actually Looks Like 

What Is Gaslighting? Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse that involves a person, or group of people, causing you to question your memories, perceptions, decisions, or even your sanity. The person or people, involved are often distorting reality to make…