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Wondering why you can't ever seem to be satisfied with your accomplishments, even though you worked hard for them? It may be impostor syndrome
Emotional Wellness

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome 

“Chasing dreams is a marathon, not a sprint.” Nipsey Hussle  (August 15, 1985- March 31, 2019) Imagine running your victory lap. It’s the final stretch, and you’re exactly where you’d only dreamed of before this point. You’ve made it. You’ve…

How well do you think you know how to cope with sadness? Here are five ways to get you started with better navigating your emotions.
Mental Health

How To Cope With Sadness 

Earlier this week my brother said to me that he was feeling a bit stressed and was unsure of how to navigate his online schooling. My initial response in my head was “you’re 15, what could you possibly be stressed…