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Author: Trevann Hamilton

What is High Functioning Depression and Persistent Depressive Disorder? Symptoms of High Functioning Depression and treatments for Persistent Depressive Disorder
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What is Persistent Depressive Disorder? 

Mental health is often misunderstood and there is an unfortunate stigma that perpetuates, especially in the Jamaican society, that a person with a mental health issue is “mad”. When many people picture someone mentally ill, their initial assumption is someone…

One of the best benefits of time management is to relieve stress. Here's how to reduce stress by using effective time management skills.

How Time Management Helps To Reduce Stress 

Being stressed to your limits on a daily basis is dangerous for your overall well-being. Yet, it is sometimes seen as commendable by some. It worries me when I see individuals create posts that say things like “My dreams are…

What are the symptoms of depression? How to manage depression symptoms in women? 10 useful action steps to take when experiencing depression.

Symptoms Of Depression In Women Of Color 

Depression is a common mental illness that comes in many forms and is not talked about widely enough in Jamaica. Depression can affect anyone, but there are certain risk factors that make experiencing depression more likely. One of these risk…