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On, the Lifestyle category focuses on informed articles that explore the various aspects of lifestyle + explore how they can contribute to mental health + emotional wellness.


Social Stigma And Gender-Based Stigma Of Black Women? 

Gender-Based Stigma According to Kristalyn Salters-Pedneault, Ph.D., stigma is “a perceived negative attribute that causes someone to devalue or think less of the whole person”. Now apply that to a whole people and we also have a stereotype/social stigma. Both…


The Stigma Around Mental Illness In The Caribbean 

A lot of work has been done within Caribbean communities to destigmatize mental illness. There are social enterprises like Wholeness and Wellness Counseling services that provide help to adolescents, women, and men who are struggling with emotional pain in Trinidad….


Traditional Chinese Medicine And Mental Health 

Two Centipedes for Sadness, Please The day after my father’s funeral, I awoke with steel knuckles twisting the insides of my abdomen. Waves of nausea and pain rolled over me as I struggled to the bathroom, yet as I curled…