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is a mental health + emotional wellness platform for millennial women of color, rooted in themes of self-reflection + vulnerability.

We hold space for millennial women of color to discover the tools & resources necessary to thoughtfully address and intentionally approach their mental health + emotional wellness.

What You Can Expect From Witted Roots

From articles to expert-led programming, we're all about making it easier for you to have a more intentional relationship with your mental health + emotional wellness.

Live Sessions

The best place to catch all of the gems dropped by experts in the mental health + emotional wellness industry. All actionable + relevant, that you can use as a resource to thoughtfully address your mental health.

Wellness Sessions

Where you come to be lead in impactful wellness practices in real-time by talented practitioners in various modalities. Think breathwork, and meditation, just to name a couple.

Frequently Asked Questions

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100% YES!

Everything we do is to support our main mission: help millennial women of color thoughtfully address and intentionally approach their mental health + emotional wellness.

We invite non-binary folx and transwomen to find this a welcoming platform for them as well. The most important thing is that you love what we’re doing and want to be an active part of it!

We would love to connect with you!

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Latest Articles From Witted Roots

Our editorial team spends their days listening to our audience + assessing their needs to write about topics that offer practical information + actionable strategies for millennial women of color. Check out the most recent articles below:

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Choosing The Right Mental Health Professional

When seeking help for mental health, it can be overwhelming to find a starting point. It may be challenging to find the right mental health professional or service for you because there are so many kinds available. We will outline...

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The True Cost of Neglecting Your Mental Health

You’re spending time with friends, and everyone is sharing how things have been in their life. Some express their highs, some give their lows, and when it’s your turn, your only response is, “Everything’s been good.” But you know that’s...

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