An exclusive membership community for millennial women of color who are ready to have a better relationship with their mental health + emotional wellness. 

 In RESET, we will guide you along a journey of developing your own arsenal of tools + resources to more thoughtfully address and intentionally approach your mental health + emotional wellness.

You’re a millennial woman of color who…

Is tired of feeling lackluster + confused about your mental health, aren’t really sure where to start to improve it, but you know that you are ready to change your relationship with it.

Needs a foundational path with tools + resources + community + encouragement + support that will guide you along this journey.

Knows what mental health + emotional wellness is, in theory, but aren’t yet 100% certain how to design your life with them in mind. And quite frankly, that makes you feel a bit overwhelmed.

Is starting to realize that you probably only understand yourself on a surface level, but are a little scared to start digging deeper.

Is feeling a bit lonely in this desire to dive deeper into yourself, because you don’t really have anyone around you who is on a similar wavelength, that you can share vulnerable experiences with without fear of judgment.

Is ready to be accountable for + to yourself in all the ways that truly matter.

Is becoming so self-aware that it scares you just a little bit, but you’re ready to face it head-on!

If you found yourself nodding like a bobblehead as you read through the points above, then congratulations!
A membership in RESET may be a great fit for you.




Are not a millennial woman of color.

Couldn’t really care less about safe spaces, privacy, empathy, or kindness.

Are not ready to really face your relationship with your mental health + emotional wellness.

Don’t plan to actually do the Self-work required to make a change in your life, but would rather place that responsibility on others.

Are not particularly interested in investing in yourself, and would rather stick to cobbling together random free resources across the world wide web that have no community support element.

If any of the above sounds like you, then you’re not a great fit for our community, and we wish you the best in finding the space that is a better fit for you.​

Within your first 4 months as a member in RESET, you will:

  • Have more self-assurance in your ability to care for your overall health + wellness
  • Have a clearer idea of how to be more intentional with your mental health + emotional wellness in your everyday life
  • Be better able to set boundaries with other people and with yourself
  • Have more confidence in your ability to do hard things
  • Have put together your own unique arsenal of actionable + practical tools, strategies, and resources that you can continue to lean on throughout the years to come
  • Feel less isolated in a community of other millennial women of color who are holding space for you and are as invested in your wellbeing as you are in theirs.
  • Start viewing your past as a foundation that you can stand on to live the life that you’ve always wanted to live.


Frequently Asked Questions

While our audience is largely made up of millennial women of color globally, we invite non-binary folx and transwomen to find this safe space for themselves as well. The most important thing is that you love what we’re building with this community and want to be an active part of it!

We know how difficult it can be to be vulnerable. You may even have had some painful experiences that have made you vow to never share with anyone else again. We get it. And that’s why this is nothing like that. We’re building a truly safe space with intentionally enforced Community Guidelines to ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to what it means to hold a safe space for each other.

Truth moment? You’re nothing like the other members of RESET, and that’s exactly why you belong there! Hear us out: we truly believe in every individual bringing their truly unique Self to the community. If you can’t show up as 100% authentically you, then it wouldn’t be a safe space for you, now would it? You’re different (and you may have heard something along those lines thrown at you throughout your life – us too!), but the connection is in each member being committed to being vulnerable, digging into their roots, and holding space for each other with kindness and respect.

No. With our commitment to building a safe space for millennial women of color to be their most vulnerable, we believe it would be infringing on their privacy and sense of safety.

A monthly membership of RESET costs $59.99*, while if you opt for the annual membership (where you pre-pay for the next 12 months), the cost is $599.99. That’s a gift of 2 whole months of membership! [RESET membership cost is subject to change in the future during subsequent enrollment periods]

After we receive your application, it will be reviewed within 72 hours. Once we check out your application + find that you’re a great fit for the community, you will receive a welcome email confirming that you’re on the waitlist and that you’ll be among the select group of pre-vetted applicants to be notified once the doors to RESET are open and ready for enrollment. Once the doors are open, you will receive details on how to officially sign up for membership + gain immediate access to our community.

Of course! We don’t believe in geographical restrictions, and we already have a global audience from many different countries showing interest in the community. Just to be transparent though: we are located in New York, so all of our gatherings, sessions, and events are scheduled in EST/EDT. No worries about missing anything though, because every Session will be recorded and available for those who can’t make it live.

No refunds are offered. However, if you are on a monthly membership (instead of annual), you may cancel your membership at any time, with a 14-day head’s up.

As long as there were no violations while you were a member, you are definitely welcome to rejoin, however, you will have to wait for one (1) year before being able to do so.

RESET is not therapy and should not be considered as an alternative to therapy. You will be provided with weekly Live Sessions from experts who are often practitioners themselves but please be clear: they are not offering you therapy. Rather, you will be given tools, strategies, and resources to better enable you to make intentional decisions about your mental health + emotional wellness. One of these intentional decisions may be to seek out therapy or another mode of professional care. We’re in full support! RESET is the community that will be your safe space as you continue to figure out what’s best for you.

Go ahead and email us at

Make sure you put “RESET Inquiry” in the subject line so that we don’t miss your message!


Take the first step to making it a priority.


Hi, My Name Is Shanice J. Douglas-Samuels

the Founder + CEO of Witted Roots and the one that holds the vision for RESET.

I have held the vision for RESET for almost as long as Witted Roots has existed. While there have been many obstacles to building this community over the years, it’s finally the right time to birth it into the world for the millennial women of color who are ready right now to take advantage of all that it has to offer them.

When you join RESET, more often than not, don’t be surprised to be participating in a Live Session and see me commenting + interacting. I’ll be in the community, reading your posts and responding if I have anything worthwhile to add. I want you to know that I see you + I’m with you. This is a journey that we’re all on, and I’m right there with you.